Video Surveillance Basics for Business Owners

August 5, 2017 M Rodriguez

Adding several commercial quality surveillance cameras to the mix at your place of business can net you a surprisingly high return on investment.

Maintaining video surveillance comes with a great deal of benefit for the average business owner. You already know that there is considerable risk of burglaries and other break-ins, but security cameras can also be invaluable for workplace safety. Given everything that you face, and the demands on your schedule that mean it is harder to keep two eyes on daily operations, you can probably imagine the added benefit.

Theft by employee:

No one wants to believe that an employee would steal from their business. However, the truth is that employee theft is on the rise and happens with a level of frequency that no one likes to imagine. This is backed up by data from the United States Department of Commerce. Their own research indicates that roughly 75% of employees steal from their employee in one form or another. This can take the rather harmless form of office supplies that leave with an employee at the end of the day all the way up to money removed from cash registers. Regardless, without video surveillance, you’re very unlikely to ever know that it has happened. An employees respect the technology. Knowing that cameras are in place, there far less likely to engage in risky behavior.

Lower cost of insurance:

Most commercial business policies offer an incentive for employers to install surveillance equipment. Insurance providers understand that you’re far less likely to file this type of claim if visual evidence has been collected in advance. Accordingly, they offer lower premiums as an incentive. And we all know that business insurance is expensive! Who doesn’t want to make a short-term investment with a huge long-term payoff?. Today’s surveillance systems can be reliable in either indoor or outdoor circumstances. Your insurance provider stands to benefit because you are more prepared, significantly reducing their risk. If you represent less of a liability, your premium can be that much lower.

Monitoring of workflow:

closed circuit surveillance cameraoone great downside of the explosive growth in Internet usage is that employees are now engaged in clearly frivolous activity to degrees that were unimaginable even 15 years ago. Facebook, Twitter, even mind-numbing games like solitaire on the computer are used to degrees that would shock most business owners!. If you’re using video surveillance, especially if placed where computer screens are visible, you’ll have a very good idea which employees are not operating efficiently. It can also be extremely helpful for those who own retail businesses, as you can better analyze whether or not current staffing patterns are necessary to meet customer demand. In less than five minutes,, video can give you deep insights into how well your operations are structured.

Avoid nuisance lawsuits:

Just like you might not want to imagine an employee being capable of theft, you’re probably even less likely to imagine one faking a workplace injury at your expense. But the truth is, this type of fraud is also very common. Surveillance cameras make it very difficult for disgruntled employees to make frivolous claims. Employers have been able to sort out harassment claims and even physical altercations that occur between employees by using video footage to document any potential charges.

How to use surveillance:

By now, it should be clear that Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems are essential for both your safety and for the safety of your employees. They should be positioned near entrances, exits, and in areas where employees gather unsupervised like smoking areas and parking lots. Everyone is safer when cameras are on the job! Your valued employees will appreciate the additional security. No one likes to walk to their car after closing up shop when it’s dark. Nor do they want to miss the signs that would be robbers are casing the joint before they strike.

But, honestly, it’s not just about thwarting criminals. As we said earlier, protecting your employees, and preventing dishonest employees from acting in damaging ways, is a hallmark benefit of security cameras.