Right Fit, Wrong Fit… They All Fit!

September 8, 2015 M Rodriguez

Well, it’s like anything with a passing fancy, only in this case trends are what epitomize what people are into at the time. Do they like cutting their hair a certain way, or shaving it all off? Is bald the new way to go, or do people get a bunch of tattoos of various things for a particular reason? Trends are the world’s way of saying that fashion is alive, because even if some of the population rolls its eyes at the thought

Right Fit, Wrong Fit… They All Fit!

of a fashion trend, there are quite a few who derive their own fashion savvy from those exact same trends, even brand them and develop them into something new, perhaps to try and make some money, or just to find a way to become unique and inspiring.

The world acting as an oyster, a catalyst of sweet, juicy goodness which is the true essence of any trend,

So what does a trend have to do with hats, like the custom embroidered hats that a person can find available, affordable and stylish, at Cover Your Head?

Trends are mainly derived from one of three elements; fashion, music, and identity. The film industry covers identity, as does music, which makes the two connected. But one thing that all three have in common with is that they follow a fashion trend, and embroidered hats are almost a sure-fire method to become noticed—whether from a personal design created by the recipient, or taking images and pictures from all around the world and putting them into a single hat for self-identity.

The reason doesn’t matter, because that’s exactly what a trend is! It gives the person, the user, the recipient a voice behind their name.

It is in no way like being a poser either, so please avoid that train of thought. Fashion comes from people taking an already-existing idea and making it feel new. Hats are like zoot suits: these suits were created in a time of great inequality as a means of the Latino culture to show their success and rise to fame. Whereas the regular, average person had a nice pinstripe suit, the Latin culture had zoot suits, and flashed them with the same pride you will feel with a strong logo on a sharp cap.