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February 16, 2017 M Rodriguez

Wedding PlannerEvery soon-to-be-married couple wants a wedding venue that will make them happy and that will delight the guests as well. Most couples have some ideas about what the wedding experience should be like but don’t have a clear idea of what the venue should contain. They may know they want an outdoor wedding, but they might not know where to have it.


There are many Greenville, SC weeding venues to choose from, and finding the right one can be difficult, which is why so many couples there employ the services of venue specialists. These people help them find the kind of venue they are looking for.


There are a few recommendations that wedding planners have made for 2017 for those couples still looking for their venue. One of the trends that has taken over in the last few years is a statement venue. That’s a place that is really eye-opening and pleasing to look at but doesn’t necessarily cost a lot to book. This could be any venue with a lot of acreage or with a distinctive building as a feature. These places are memorable but often not expensive, and wedding venue specialists like greenville SC wedding venues are helping Greenville residents find the right venue for them.


For even more economical options, when more interesting venues are not available, wedding planners recommend setting up a tent. This offers the wedding designer a lot of versatility, as hanging lights, colored tent coverings and various other decorations can really change up the ambiance of the wedding and make for a unique experience. A rooftop wedding is another solid suggestion for experience wedding planners. This gives the guests a spectacular view and makes for a memorable location that may not cost a lot to book.


Many couples are looking for frugal ways to have an unforgettable wedding experience, and wedding planners and wedding venue specialists are trying to find new ways to help them do that. These are just a few suggestions that have been making waves over the last couple years and that will continue to excite couples in the coming years as well.