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April 5, 2017 M Rodriguez

Cycling is one of the most common ways of transportation that allows one to have fun, save money, and get fit. However, the traditional bike is not portable that can even cause many problems to the owner, such as storage issues, about security, and limited access in public transport.


A modern folding bike can solve these concerns by offering commuters/cyclists to compact their bike into a smaller form which is more suitable and easier for travel. So, if you are planning to buy a folding bike, take a look at these factors, and consider them when buying this modern bike.


Bike Purpose


One of the important factors that you should consider when you are planning to buy a folding bike is its main purpose. Well, since folding bike is very useful, it can be used for many purposes. You can use it for transport to work, long journeys, off-road used, or for travel in public transport.


Folding bikes have different types, such as, very lightweight, has thick & larger wheels, or slow to pack, and more. So, it important that you know where it will be used for so that you can choose the appropriate type of bike depending on your purpose. This is your guide to getting the best folding bike.


Folding Method


A folding bike has 3 predominant varieties: break away, half fold, and triangle hinge.


• Break away – The frames have different forms. However, the basic principle is for partly dissemble and partly folded to be pack into the small suitcase. And this process is a bit time-consuming and difficult.


• Half fold – The half fold frames are the same as the traditional bicycle. But, it has hinge point which allows you to fold the bike in half.


• Triangle hinge – With this frames, you will be able to fold down your bike to small sizes.


Price is also an important factor that you consider when you are buying a folding bike, and there are inexpensive bikes in the market, so make sure that you check out the quality before you buy.


Owning and riding folding bike provides you fun & excellent exercise. What’s more? It is a non-polluting form of transportation. It can also go to places that the traditional bikes cannot.