Best Tips on How To Save Money On Electric Bill

December 18, 2016 M Rodriguez

The cost of living seems to rising with the rise of every new dawn, blame it on the economic recession, blame the government; either way, you have to find ways of living within your means and getting complete value for every cent that you put in to use. Energy Smart PTY Ltd Payment of electricity utility bills accounts for quite a big percentage of the expenditure costs for your home.Therefore, the key to reduce your living costs is simply to save money on your electric bill. Want to know how save money on electric bill? Read on for the full details.

Saving money on electricity is all about putting measures that all the members of the family should adhere to otherwise it would get kind of hard pulling the whole stunt out on yourself. So first thing first, make sure you announce to the whole family the new rules or rather measures that you have put up on how to save money on electricity. Start off by pointing the fact that all electrical appliances are to be unplugged anytime they are not in use. When the appliances are left plugged, even when switched off, they tend to draw some amount of current, if a big number of electrical appliances are left plugged in around the house, you end up wasting a lot of electricity.

You could also balance the vents in the house to ensure that you have even temperature all over the house and the air conditioner does not have to use extra energy. On the same point, you should ensure that you always keep the garage door closed and insulated to prevent cases where the air conditioner or the thermostat has to work extra hard to maintain the temperatures.

Did you know that utility companies have peak periods? Well, the electricity companies take advantage of the fact that you use the most electricity during the day and charge you at a higher rate for it. To avoid getting charged more than the normal rate, consider carrying out all the household chores such as dry cleaning, vacuuming and dish washing late in the night or early in the morning during the off peak hours. This works to reduce the electricity bill by a great margin.

After washing the clothes, you really do not have to use the clothes dryer; let your kids help out and dry them out in the sun. This helps to save a lot on the energy that would have otherwise been used. This also applies in the case of the dishwasher machine, ensure that it is as full as possible to reduce the number of times that you use it, you should also put on the energy saving mode to enable you use the least amount of energy possible. Most dishwasher machines come with these choices so you should be able to find the button somewhere.

Lastly, replace the incandescent bulb with the florescent bulbs. Although not a favorite for many, florescent bulb lights work to reduce the energy consumption and will work to reduce the electric bill. With the new types of florescent bulbs in the market, you are bound to get a high quality product that will serve you just as well or even better as the incandescent light bulbs that you formerly used.

So there you have it, your own personalized guide on how to save money on electric bill, it does not get any easier than this.